Friday, November 19, 2010

BT goes to see WWE

so at a little pushing by hubby (didn't take much arm twisting) I got tickets to take my middle son, 9, to go to wrestling. He doesn't watch it a lot but likes the characters and figues. It was a great experience. A little backgroung on why I was the lucky one to take him. When I was little and we had 1 black and white tv (Remember those days?) and we had to take turns picking shows on the weekend. Well my dear, older, brother figured out how to work it that he got to watch wrestling. I hated it and mom's answer was "well go outside then" That didn't sound like fun so I would cave and watch it. That became a bond that I was able to have w/ my brother and to some extent still do w/ him and 2 of my cousins now. I have watched it over the years and see the change in it both good and bad. When I was in high school Dad, beeing the sweet guy that he is, took me several times as well as gotten me tickets to go w/ friends. So fast forward many, many years to now. We surprised him with tickets and he was thrilled. WE had a completly unobstructive veiw of the stage and entrance ramp. Plus a front row seat to all the pyro (thanks' WWE employee that warned all of the kids and adults in our section when they were about to go off). Once we got past the boring part of the NXT filming (trying to find the next superstar that are currently all women) we got to the good stuff. We had a good show, and a lot of fun. I will remember this for a long, long time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day After

Well it's not only the day after Halloween but the start to a new month. And it's Monday so it's also Meal Plan Monday. A lot going on today. Here is the monsters ready to go get some candy. Monster E is Mario and would wear his costume every day for a week while he played Mario on the Wii. BT wanted to be the grim reaper but the closest we could find was some guy from Harry Potter but close enough while Big J was a goohl. How do you spell that word? Any way they got around 1/2 the neighborhood and got a pumpkin full of candy (which by the way is about 1/2 a target bag). Big J's friend and his mom also joined us so that was fun.
Here is our meal plan for the next 2 weeks (minus some sides not listed I have to decide on):
M-Pizza Repeat (in other words all the pizza I bought for Halloween and every body was too excited to eat)
T-Chicken Manicotti w/ garlic bread
W-Pork Chops w/ broccoli
TH-Stuffed Spaghetti Pie
F- Calzones
M-Cheeseburger Casserole
T-Broccoli chicken bake
W-beef w/ veg all casserole
TH-Stuffed Shells
F-Chicken patties w/ French Fries
Happy first day of Turkey Month.