Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my new friend... Capt. Jack

Any one that knows me know I have a thing for pirates. Know those stick family stickers on the back of the car? Found pirate one, favorite movies? THe Pirates of the Carribean. Shirt w/ skull and crossbones? Sure, I call them my pirate shirts, I have one that's pink and says pirate girl on it. Pirate flip flops? got them too. Favorite football team? Well that's the Redskins not changing that to Pittsburg for my current obcession. Along w/ several other pirate things in my collection. At Christmas we redid the dining room turned game room into a media room. The school my mom and dad teach at recently had their ring banquet (prive school, they don't dance) and it was a Hollywood theme. To rais some more money they auctioned off the decorations. Dad got me something very cool. A life size cardboard cutout of Capt. Jack Sparrow himself. He watches over me in the room. He has scared me a few time but I like him there. He's kind of sexy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Rudy Day Movie

Over at Magical Holiday Home we celebrate Christmas the 24th of ever month (or sometime around there) We take some time to think about Christmas. It's different for every one. Some work on thier notebook, craft, wear Christmas socks (more discreet and a t=shirt), listen to Christmas music, watch a holiday movie... I picked the movie for March and while I debated between a few I picked Christmas in Connecuticut. It's a old black and white movie. A woman writes for a magizine like the modern day Martha Stuart. Only she does nothing she writes about. When a war hero asked to Spend the holidays with her everying falls apart and the comedy inssues. It's a cute movie. Far cry from Shaun of the Dead we watched this morning. While it's not the 24th of the month, I decided to watch it last night any way. I like some of the classic movies, black and white, looking at the Christmas decorations and such.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cloudy with a Chance.........of Happiness

The other night my oldest boy was watching a movie in the car. He chose Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He knows I really like that movie. Flint Lockwood embodies what we have been reading in the Happiness Project book. He completly follows his passion in life, to be an inventor. He does this regardless of what others think he keep working on it. I love how Flint hums his own theme music and nariates what he is doing, he makes me laugh. And his sidekick Steve. Steve loves gummy bears, who doesn't? My favorite are the white and red. yum.I think we can learn a lesson from Flint. Find something you really enjoy doing and make a point of doing it. I need to find a passion or something I really enjoy doing and do it. I second guess my self and that self doubt creeps in. I like making cards but don't make time for it and find my self feeling "uncreative" I need to learn to find a few minutes and jsut do it. Make something.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To blog or not to blog...

So this is a new month in the happiness project and new goals to look into. She suggested we start a blog. I had already started one however I am not good at using it every day. Heck, I have a journal I bought for this project and it sits there, empty. Well amost empty minus my commandments. I would like to start journaling some of my thoughts on the book in there. For her blogging was about pushing out of her comfort zone. I can see that. If I don't feel like I know what to say, I say nothing.... So what do you blog about? Where do your ideas come from?