Saturday, April 30, 2011

We love Snoopy

This was our first year in two years at Kings Dominion. Since we were there last new people took over and now they have Snoopy themed kids area. I love snoopy and the Peanuts crew. I think Monster and I would buy out the gift shop if we could. He remind me of Linus b/c they both have a blanket, both suck a finger and occasionally snuggle with a Snoopy. Here Monster was more than happy to take a minute to post with Snoopy.

Lets go Racing

We decided to take the boys to the NASCAR race at RIR Fri. night. JB 12 usually goes w/ his dad but the younger two ususally don't go. This time we all went. Monster E was mad because he couldn't get a snowcone that's why he is pouting. He got over it after a while. The race was pretty uneventful so it went by pretty quickly. We sat with some friends of mine. No real chatting b/c it's really loud but it's exciting to be so close to all those cars going so fast round and round and round....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mom is great, she gives up birthday cake...

for breakfast. I was reminded of a Bill Cosby skit this morning. I woke up to a Birthday cake from hubby and the boys. It was topped w/ all my favorite candy. Easter peeps,Cadbury cream eggs, almond M&Ms. Oh so yummy. I let the boys have some for breakfast, with milk of course. I looked at the cake, and like the skit, saw eggs, flour,milk... sounds like breakfast to me :) Why not? It's not everyday we have a birthday at the house.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A new treat

I found these directions on another blog and had to try them. Chocolate covered peeps! Not the kind the peep people sell in the store, they are missing the yummy sugar coating. So I made my own. Not pretty but tasty! I didn't have sticks to keep them on so I had to use 3 and take the stick out to do another one.

Next on my list to make are the rice cripy eggs w/ candy inside them. This weekend... Photos to follow.